Inspired Fall Table

Inspire mug

I love a pretty house but sometimes making the house pretty can get overwhelming so why not start with something fairly small: a fall table!  There are a million ways to set a pretty table and it all depends on your personal style and likes.  My style tends to be pretty laid back and relaxing. 

 I’ve went through every décor phase there could ever possibly be in the past 27 years since becoming a wife and mom. I’ll never forget the berry pink bathroom walls in my first little rented farmhouse.  Let’s just say the Landlord was not happy when she saw what I had done!  I think I chose a very similar berry shade for the wall in our very first home we purchased, which was a very old, dilapidated mobile home.  We paid $3000 for that place and I was so excited to finally have something of our own.  You would’ve thought we had bought a mansion with how excited I was!  It was in dire need of some freshening up so we ripped out and replaced all the carpet and wood flooring, painted, wallpapered, etc. I was thrilled with the transformation. Oh how I have evolved.  

The one thing that has stayed constant between 1992 when I was a newly married 19 year old to now, a 46 year wife, mother, and Mimi, is the fact that I can make something out of nothing.  Even though I have more of “something” than I did 26 years ago, I still love shopping at thrift stores and rummage sales and I always find a way to add those items to my home one way or another.  

Take for instance my tableware.  I used to drive myself crazy trying to find dishes that were functional yet sturdy.  It seemed that every time I purchased a new dish set, they would get a chip in them within the first week.  I used to have dishes in every color of the rainbow because my taste changes constantly and I thought I had to have a color to match whichever “theme” tickled my fancy at any given time.  This became a huge problem for several different reasons.  First, where do you store all these dish sets?  I have never had a large home with a large kitchen so have always had to make the most of the storage I have or do not have.  I tend to buy pieces of furniture that can double as storage, which helps.  Secondly, the cost to buy so many different sets of dishes was getting ridiculous….at least my husband thought so!  

So imagine my delight when I was at the Thrift Store one day and landed my eyes on the most beautiful dish sets I had ever seen….vintage Ironstone!  My heart skipped a beat and at that very moment I knew I would never have another colored piece of dishware in my kitchen cabinets ever.  I bought every single piece I could find and now have enough for large crowds.  I have dishes, bowls, cups, platters and serving pieces. I even have different shapes and sizes to satisfy any mood I may be in.  It makes life so much simpler.  If I really want to get crazy, I will add colorful napkins or even decorative salad plates but I tend to keep my pallet pretty neutral these days.  

Last week I decided to redo my table décor after I had bought a bunch of pumpkins in different shapes and sizes.  I love adding greenery to my table settings and am blessed that I can literally go out my front door and pick foliage that makes for pretty additions to any décor.  Today, I chose these beautiful grape vines with their green and red leaves. They make a perfect addition to the deep green wool blanket I’ve used as a tablecloth. I cut some tall stems of green leaves that I tucked in amongst the grape vines.  I also added those leafy stems to an earthy toned clay vase filled with a small piece of grape vine and some dahlias in a deep red color.   

I added in white candles of varying heights and used place settings topped with little faux pumpkins!  I actually want to replace the little pumpkins with these very realistic faux apples I have but can’t seem to find at the moment.  This is my life!  I put away things and then can’t find them again.  I finished off this table with amber colored goblets that I found last week at a local thrift store.  I love when I find plates, cups, and goblets in sets of 12 or more.  I feel like I have hit the jackpot!  

I hope you find inspiration in my fall table and I hope you get inspired to create your very own!  

Photo credit to Kinsey Whidby Photography.

Candles:  IKEA, Vase: Prouty Pottery, Foliage: Cut from my ranch, Goblets: Local thrift store, Plates: Local thrift store, Plate Chargers: Sur La Table, Linen Napkins: Sur La Table, Pumpkins: Safeway, my garden, Small decorative pumpkins on top of napkins: Hobby Lobby