Fantasy Land, the color pink and creating Kountry Junkin'

Hi everyone!  I thought I would start my blog out by introducing myself and telling you a little about myself, my likes, my dislikes, and some random facts that may amuse you or inspire you.

I am 46 years old but mentally still feel like I’m 30. I say 30 because I don’t really ever wish to be in my 20’s again and 30’s were still not considered “middle aged!” I have been married for almost 27 years and together we have 2 grown children.  I also have a stepson and he has blessed us with the most precious granddaughter ever!  We have built a wonderful life in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota, having moved here from Wyoming in 1998.  I believe that we can build our lives to be what we’ve always dreamed them to be and I believe that we can achieve anything we set our minds to as long as we are willing to put in the work!  

So, here are 10 things you may not know about me:

1.    I am a RN by trade but haven’t worked in the nursing field since 2016.  I’m still not sure if I am ready to be fully retired from my nursing career and am always keeping my options open.  

2. I suffered a stroke when I was 28 years old.  I had no predisposing conditions and I’ve had every test known to man with no findings as to why it happened to me.  I have a special place in my heart for those who’ve suffered strokes as I know firsthand what they experience.  My signs and symptoms were extreme dizziness to which I had a conscience thought of, “Oh crap, I’m going to pass out.”  Then, the dizziness passed and my right side went completely paralyzed.  At that moment I thought to myself, “Ummm, this is definitely not normal.”  That passed quickly and then my right thumb had an intense burning sensation.  At that time I lost my ability to speak any words other than, “Um.”  I knew something was wrong at this point and my coworkers drove me to the ER.  Thankfully, I suffered no residual issues other than the fact that since the day of my stroke I sometimes have difficulty finding my words.  When I was having my stroke, I could put sentences together in my head but could not get them out of my mouth.  This problem of not being able to find my words gets embarrassing sometimes because it looks like I have no idea what the heck is going on.  Sometimes, I explain to people why this happens; other times I just look like a fool!

3. My husband and I have owned our own businesses since we were 21 and 22 years old.  We are proud that we have passed the entrepreneurial bug along to our children and will definitely encourage our grandchildren to do the same.  

4. Speaking of children, my son is a Police Officer for Rapid City Police Department and is also in the Army National Guard.  Our daughter is the Assistant Director of Admissions at a local college. My stepson lives in North Idaho where he is still trying to figure out exactly what in life will make him sing. My children are my most prized accomplishments.  I was made for being a wife and mom first and foremost!  I’d do it all again in a hot second!

5. I started Kountry Junkin’ Vintage Market in 2012.  My inspiration was the famous Farmchicks Vintage Fair in Spokane, WA.  I visited Serena’s happiest show on earth in 2008 and knew instantly that I had to host a vintage market for our area.  It only took me another 4 years to get up enough courage to actually begin planning my first market!  My goal was to have 20 booths for my first market and I met that goal. I now host over 100 booths several times per year. The best part about Kountry Junkin’ isn’t the “junk,” it’s all the people who I’ve been blessed to get to know and the friendships I’ve made!  It’s an awesome circle of friends and people who share the love of all things vintage, chippy, shabby, and rusty.

6. My favorite color is PINK!  Pink is the happiest color on earth!  I would live in a pink house, drive a pink car, and color myself pink if I could!  I have one younger sister so when we were growing up my mom would always have special little gifts on our beds when we got home from school.  They were typically the same items, just in different colors.  Mine was always pink!  

7. I live on an 80 acre ranch where we have cows, chickens, Guinee hens, cats, dogs, and sheep!  

8. I talk a lot (as in a lot) and I make friends with everyone! 

9. The last 10 years of my career were spent as a hospice nurse. I will forever be grateful for that time in my life, helping patients and their loved ones as they navigated such a difficult time in their lives.  Being a hospice nurse taught me to live life to the fullest; I mean really live your life as you dream of!  If you are not happy, change it!  I could go on and on about that so I’ll save that for another blog post.  

10. My husband often times has said I live in a fantasy land….well guess what, I LIKE IT HERE!!!!!

11. Here is a bonus:  I am a rebel whose never been much of a rule lover.  I mean don’t get me wrong.  I’m not talking about LAWS!  I follow the laws but aren’t rules meant to be broken?  

So, there are a few fun facts about me.  My intentions for the blog are to not only inspire you to live your lives to the fullest but to dream big. Dream so big your husband or wife or whoever says you live in a fantasy land!  Trust me when I tell you, you will like it there!  

Tell me about yourself down below! What is your favorite color, what is your biggest dream? I’d love to know.

XOXO Rulebreaker <3